It may be you want a present for a child or you want to capture your child’s foot or hand print as a gift someone or yourself will cherish for ever. It is also lovely to capture your child’s drawing, especially if it is a picture of their mummy or daddy.

If your daughter or son is going away from home, your kiss captured on a heart or circle will help them remind them that you are thinking of, and will always be with them. The ‘wish’ on a star and the ‘live, laugh, love’ will help show you want them to follow their dreams.

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Child’s Drawing

A Kiss Forever

Footprint to Cherish

Live, Laugh, Love

‘Wish’ on a Star




If you have a drawing that you would like me to capture into silver then get in touch, send me a scanned image free of charge I can let you know if it would work as a piece of silver jewellery.

The silver curved heart for a necklace was created using the picture that the child drew of her Daddy, how lovely to be able to capture and cherish for ever that wonderful creativity that can only come from a child.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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