My name is Jo and I have always loved jewellery, the way it can make an outfit complete and turn the whole effect around while also hinting at one’s personality too.

When I was first introduced to the concept of personalising jewellery I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to create it and share it with everyone I knew… Within a day I knew it was the  business I wanted to run.

Silver is such a lovely medium, so shiny and feels so good to touch; personalising it makes it even more precious.

The name Box of Frogs came from my friends commenting on my ways of enjoying life, grasping life with both hands and capturing life at full speed. The phrase ‘Mad as A Box of Frogs’ was meant in an endearing way – I hope!

Ryefield Studios comes from the name of the village where I live with my partner Steve. Ryefield is a beautiful setting where I design and create all the jewellery personally and by hand. We don’t yet have the obligatory black Labrador to complete the idyllic picture of country life but we do however now have a Tibetan Terrier, named Nora and what a character she has turned out to be.

Get in touch either by phone on 07901 824244 or email me via johopkins1411@gmail.com

Jo Box Of Frogs Jewellery